Typically, Ajar DB is comprised of three elements – AjarDB Listener, AjarDB Client, and AjarDB Data Store.
AjarDB Listener
AjarDB Listener is heart of Ajar Database family, responsible for receiving queries from AjarDB Clients over network, access the Ajar Data Store for specific data requirements, after which it respond back results to specific AjarDB Client. It also controls access, indexing, and stored procedure for application effective data handling.
AjarDB Client
AjarDB Client is light-weight software client which is installed on Application Server and provides CLI access to Data Store for application data requirements. AjarDB Client CLI can be incorporated which application code and easy to access medium.
Ajar Data Store
Ajar Data Store is storage location where AjarDB Data is stored in form of tabular tables with columns to form relational data structure which provides easy and effective access. AjarDB Listener has access and control over Ajar Data Store.